Smart technologies for a carbon-free scenario

Over the last decade, electric vehicles have showed a game-changing decarbonization potential, aligned with the EU goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to half by 2030 and reach climate neutrality by 2050.

DRIVE2X aims to accelerate the shift to mass electromobility deployment through innovative smart charging techniques and technological advancements in bidirectional charging solutions. A set of low-cost bidirectional charger units are tested and validated under different use cases in five demonstrators, presenting different operational settings (buildings, homes, and directly at the grid level), contributing to accelerate the wide uptake of V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) technology.


By developing predictive machine-learning models and smart charging algorithms for different V2X charging approaches, the project aims to maximise the efficiency of the whole energy system while enhancing the satisfaction of EV drivers through different energy service models. . Moreover, by implementing and demonstrating lower-cost bidirectional charger prototypes, DriVe2X creates affordable and user-friendly charging solutions, optimising the needs of EV users, buildings/houses, electromobility providers and grid operators. Through a better understanding of the operational and economic trade-offs, the project plans to achieve a reduction in EV battery ageing and an average cost reduction for all actors involved.


How to deploy new bidirectional smart chargers

The goal of DriVe2X is to develop new knowledge, tools, models and technologies to address the future deployment of V2X-based mass electric vehicles in European smart cities.

Specifically, the main objectives of DriVe2X project are the following:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of V2X concepts and technologies at a broad public level

  • Develop novel, affordable and user-friendly V2X solutions and charging technologies that are suitable for mass EV deployment

  • Design and demonstrate a user-centric local V2X marketplace that leverages the flexible energy potential from advanced smart charging in parking lots, homes, and charging stations

  • Address user experience and behavioural challenges under different V2X scenarios through the design of innovative bidirectional charging strategies and algorithms

  • Build the profiles of mobile citizens for 2035 and 2050, analysing expectations of V2X users, policymakers and businesses as to the future deployment of V2X technologies.

  • Support the advancement of V2X research activities and market scale-up by developing Open Access tools, models and sets of data


DriVe2X meets the BRIDGE initiative

DriVe2X closely collaborates with BRIDGE, the European Commission initiative uniting R&I projects working in the areas of smart grid, energy storage, islands, and digitalisation.


Introducing the DriVe2X partners