Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary, with a grown in terms of registered passenger cars from 2000 to 2020 of 23% (690,560 cars registered). Most of the privately owned EVs in the city are owned by life estate owners, keen to improve their estates with renewable and smart energy management solutions.

Use Cases


V2H integration with HEMS for renewables’ integration and tariff optimization in prosumer homes

Expected impacts

DriVe2X aims to demonstrate use of novel charging methods including smart energy management systems, renewable energy sources and bidirectional EVs in “Vehicle-to-Home (V2H)” behind-the-meter scenario and its impact on load curve compared to conventional EV charging as well as to use of fossil fuel passenger cars using purchased validation data.

Business model

Prosumer tariff optimization leveraged by residential smart charging, in which the EV battery is treated as an additional distributed resource integrated with home energy management systems. In addiction energy communities are established, connecting potential customers and offering energy distribution as a service.


  • EVs users

  • Renewable energy clusters

  • Distribution System Operator


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