The city of Maia is one of the most industrialised municipalities in Portugal and an important transportation hub, counting 120,111 inhabitants. Maia was the first Portuguese city to have a fast-charging parking for EVs, called the e-Hub, located in the city centre.

Use Cases


Vehicle-to-home integration with HEMS for renewables’ integration and tariff optimization in prosumer and consumer homes.

Expected impacts

The demonstrator explores smart e-mobility use cases leveraged by the long-term parking of connected EVs in an airport facility. The impact of implementing smart EV charging and V2B (vehicle-to-building) strategies for supporting the facility’s energy operations is analyzed from technical, regulatory, and business perspectives.

Business model

This demonstrator’s main business model is based on flexibility services offered by EV owners/parking customers to the airport facility/building manager. It is enabled by long-term parking at the airport’s premium parking facilities and by direct integration with its energy management operations. In this way, the airport optimises its time-of-use electric consumption, while EV owners receive compensation for lending their flexible battery capacity.


  • EVs users

  • Distribution System Operator

  • City Council

  • Chargers retailer


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