The municipality of Amsterdam set high ambitions for a liveable car-free city, which are increasingly taking effect resulting in an extensive EV charging infrastructure and a carbon free energy system.

Use Cases


Peripheral smart renewable energy and mobility hubs for V2G uptake in highly congested urban grids

Expected impacts

The demonstrator contributes to a larger uptake of V2X in semi-controlled smart Energy and Mobility (EM) hubs in Amsterdam, especially those strategically located along the main road of the city. Multiple EM-hubs are under development in the city, tailored in scale and functioning to local circumstances like the grid situation.

Business model

Flexibility services are offered by EVs owners in three different scenarios:

  • during specific events, avoiding a huge energy grid demand
  • for the offices reducing solar surplus grid injection through energy delivery and smart charging depending on specific energy situations
  • in collaboration with the DSO the demo contributes to local grid congestion, by avoiding grid demand and controlled grid injection


  • EVs users

  • Distribution System Operator

  • City Council

  • Event spaces


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