The Isle of Wight is located off the south coast of Great Britain, with a population of 145,000 inhabitants. It is characterized by an intensive touristic flux attracting more than 2 million visitors each year and it stand out because of its smart grid infrastructure and a strong use of renewables.

Use Cases


Vehicle-to-home integration with HEMS for renewables’ integration and tariff optimization in prosumer and consumer homes.

Expected impacts

The demonstrator explores and tests the role V2G (vehicle-to-grid ) can play in supporting a more flexible operation of distribution networks with high renewable energy penetration and congestion constraints. At the same time, it will test new business cases for EV users and EV fleet managers.

Business model

This business model is focused on flexibility services offered by EV owners to distribution network operators via smart bidirectional charging of EVs in public charging stations, and through the market intermediation of a flexibility aggregator player. The main EV ownership model tested is car club fleet management, where EVs offer flexibility to the grid when not being rented. The investigated service is demand and supply balancing to enhance penetration (i.e., reduce curtailment) of renewable energy, improving grid management technically and economically.


  • Distribution System Operator

  • EV Owners

  • CPOs

  • City Council

  • Local Tourism Body


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