- 03 Jul 2024

DriVe2X Talks: Hugo Niesing

Watch the 2nd DriVe2X Talk about electro mobility in the city of Amsterdam.

In this second episode of the “DriVe2X Talks” video series, we have analised the electro-mobility situation in one of the project’s demo cities with Hugo Niesing from the City of Amsterdam.

One of the main challenges that Amsterdam encounters is that the city “suffers something which is called grid congestion” says Hugo. “That means that the energy demand is so big that the infrastructure cannot handle it anymore. And there, smart charging and vehicle to grid can bring part of the solution” .

This is the ambition of the City of Amsterdam in participating in this project, “to bring the possibilities of  Vehicle-to-Grid to a higher level”. Being aware that this process already exists from years, Hugo explains that the aim of the city is to boost and standardize it, for it to be broadly beneficial for the society.

The demonstration work in Amsterdam will be carried out at 12 to 14 bidirectional charging stations within the energy system of the Johan Cruijff Arena. To learn more, watch the interview below!