- 09 Jul 2024

DriVe2X Talks: Luiz Dias

Watch the third episode of "DriVe2X Talks", sharing insights on the project's demo operations.

In the latest episode of the “DriVe2X Talks” video series, we feature Luiz Dias, R&D engineer and project manager at EDP New in Portugal, coordinating demo operations within the DriVe2X project. Luiz shares insights on the project’s extensive demonstration and validation efforts across multiple locations.

DriVe2X will be tested in five different geographies with eight distinct cases,” Luiz explains. “In Portugal, we have initiatives at Porto Airport (Vehicle-to-building, V2B) and Maia City Centre (Vehicle-to-Grid, V2G). Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff Arena in the Netherlands will also participate, focusing on V2B for events and office use. In Budapest, Hungary, Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) will be tested in prosumer homes, while Italy will explore V2G within the ASM Terni microgrid. Finally, the Isle of Wight in the UK will examine V2B in hotels, leveraging the island’s tourism flows.”

Luiz highlights the project’s practical benefits for EV drivers, remarking that “these use cases integrate seamlessly into everyday activities. Whether it’s parking at an airport or attending a stadium event, users can support the grid and be compensated.

The episode delves into how DriVe2X engages various stakeholders, from local authorities to EV user associations, ensuring comprehensive validation and adoption. Watch the interview below to learn more about our V2X demo initiatives!