NEWS RELEASE - 18 Jan 2024

ESIG report provides framework for vehicle electrification grid planning

Read the new report from ESIG that analyses the challenges related to forecasting EV adoption

The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) has released a new report, “Charging Ahead: Grid Planning for Vehicle Electrification”, a national-level examination of transportation electrification challenges that impact integrated distribution planning. The report’s primary audiences are utilities, utility regulators and other state decision-makers, EV manufacturers, charge station operators, aggregators, and other technical experts.

Providing crucial references to the DRIVE2X projects’ work, the report explores challenges related to forecasting EV adoption, characterizing their locational and temporal impacts, identifying mitigations to avoid the largest impacts, and developing roadmaps and grid plans. It concludes with four priority actions that can be taken today: improving forecasting, embracing smart charging, incorporating future-ready equipment, and promoting proactive upgrades.

You can read the full report here.