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Leveraging its highly experienced and qualified workforce, strong connection with national and international organizations (e.g., CIRED, CIGRE), and state-of-the-art facilities, EDP Labelec provides the EDP Group, REN (the Portuguese transmission system operator), and external clients with specialized asset management services, covering electrical, chemical, and environmental key topics. EDP Labelec’s activity is segmented between four main domains:

• Asset management and maintenance tests and trials;

• Chemistry and biology sampling and laboratory testing activities;

• Electrical equipment certification, qualification, and inspection activities;

• Power system analytical and numerical simulation studies.

As an affiliated partner of NEW in the DriVe2X project, EDP Labelec’s participation will be mainly focused on testing and validating the V2X chargers developed in the project. They shall also prepare and run hardware-in-the-loop simulations of the Portuguese demonstration sites.


Pedro Miguel Cabral Martins Carlos

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

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