R&I on Electric Mobility

EMOTION SRL is a charging station manufacturer, charging point operator (CPO) and electric mobility service provider (eMSP). EMOTION SRL has developed frontline and reliable solutions in the field of electric mobility, such as several charging station models and its CPO platform, called SpotLink, hosting both charging station owners and electric vehicle users. Since 2016, EMOTION SRL has been participating in European research projects, collaborating with international partners to design solutions in the field of smart grids and smart cities, focusing on IoT, cyber security and distributed ledger technologies. In DRIVE2X project, EMOTION SRL will develop an electric mobility platform with roaming functionality to host whatever charging station owners and EV users, enabling real-time monitoring service, remote smart management service, including bidirectional charging solutions, co-optimising the needs of charging station owners, EV users, electromobility service providers, energy users and distribution system operators. Furthermore, EMOTION SRL will deploy in the Italian pilot site an electric vehicle fleet and several V2X charging stations to demonstrate in real life the benefits of cooperation between electric mobility actors and electric grid actors, considering electric mobility as the supplier of energy flexibility for balancing a grid equipped with a multitude of distributed intermittent renewable energy plants.


Francesco Bellesini

Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager

Edoardo Mancinelli

Computer Scientist & CTO

Davide Balducci

Computer Scientist

Filippo Mariani

Computer Scientist

Christopher Caponi

Electrical Technician

Giulio Cassano

Electronic Developer

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