- 25 Jun 2024

DriVe2X Talks: Gonçalo Mendes

Watch the 1st interview and learn more about DriVe2X innovations from the project coordinator perspective.

A new video series has been launched: “DriVe2X Talks” aims to explore the project’s ambitions and characteristics through several interviews with different partners. In the first video interview, we hear from Goncalo Mendes, the DriVe2X project coordinator representing LUT University.

The discussion begins by focusing on the innovations the project brings to the electromobility sector. “The project works on four main fronts of innovation,” says the coordinator. “One of them is marketplace solutions, where we work on enabling the bidirectionality of charging systems to provide support and balancing to the power system. Within this area, we have several solutions the project is developing.”

Towards the end, the conversation shifts to the contribution of LUT University to DriVe2X. Due to their expertise in the electricity markets, their involvement is not based solely on the coordination of the project, but rather ranging from EV charging flexibility to the development of specific business models.

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